Product description:

It is cleaning, protective or polishing cloths with excellent care qualities for delicate surfaces like plexi-glass, acrylic glass, plastic, high gloss surfaces, optical devices and screens.

Applications: Cleaning, Separator in hot moulding processes

The product of Mutex GmbH The Rimaflex® cloth is a high-quality special cloth used for the maintenance of sensitive surfaces such as Plexiglas®, glass, plastics, optical devices and screens. It provides optimal protection as a separator, leaving no traces of the weft in hot molding processes of Plexiglas® or other thermoplastic products such as e.g. Polycarbonate, PVC and PETG. It leaves no residue during cleaning and polishing. It is extremely durable, stretchable, antistatic, dimensionally stable, usable on both sides, very dirt-resistant, washable up to 40°C, biodegradable. Sold by the meter in rolls of standard heights: 1200 and 2100 mm. Available in two different weights. Application Fields: For the treatment and cleaning of all delicate surfaces in the aerospace and automotive industry, molds, furniture, medical equipment."