The Company

Un’Azienda Storica, fondata nel 1882


For more than 100 years Mohwinckel has been a leading distributor of machinery and semi-finished products for industry, with a special focus on the plastics sector.

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The company was born from the cutting-edge idea of merging together two different but complementary markets: the Italian and the German one. It was one of the founding companies of the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce and It was the first company to import the first kilogram of polystyrene, the first cellulose acetate, the first injection molding machine and the first extruder to the Italian market. It’s a long story of successful partnerships with the world's leading producers of raw materials, which have led the company to become one of the most appreciated and well-known distributors in the industrial field.

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The historical dates of Mohwinckel S.R.L.


Arrival in Italy of  the Founder Theodoro Mohwinckel with the representation of Heinrich Traun & Soehne of Hamburg, today New York Hamburger Gummi Waaren Companie, producer of rubber and ebonite, which operates throughout the country with its own dealers and agents.


At the world exhibition in Paris T.M. discovered the then “new plastic material” Celluloide and brought in Italy the first sheet to be presented to e producers of horned articles. This was the first step in introducing and distributing plastics in Italy.


Registration in the commercial register under n. 504 of the newly established Chamber of Commerce.


The company assumed the representation of Roohm GmbH, so shortly after the first sheet of Plexiglas, acrylic glass and the first kilogram of PMMA in granules entered Italy and created the Italian market for these products.


Transfer from the old headquarters of via Mercalli, in the center of Milan, to the new building with ample warehouse and office space in Trezzano s/Naviglio right next to Milan bypass.


On 01.01.2001 the company obtained UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 certification for commercial companies.

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