Marcablo 17214

Product description:

Ink for electrical cables

Brand: Herkula
Applications: hot
Product line: Marcablo
Process type: Chalcographic Printing
Substrate: EPDM, EVA, PA, PE, PP, PU, PVC, XLPE
Line speed: 500 -1200

Herkula offers different series to mark cables with a gravure wheel. This printing technique is also known as Contact Printing, Gravure Wheel Printing or Direct High-Speed-Printing. Our inks are suitable for each kind of Gravure Wheel Printer which is customary in the market. Briefly described, the gravure wheel picks up the ink from the reservoir and applies it onto the substrate. With a gravure wheel you can print either letters, numbers or any kind of symbol. The final print depends on your gravure selection. The advantages of our inks are an excellent adhesion onto critical substrates, a clear print and a high production speed.
It is recommended a surface pretreatment for PE and PP substrates.