Makrofol LM 228 2-4

Product color
Product description:

Extruded polycarbonate film filled with light-scattering agent. It displays a smooth homogenous illumination of the front side of a backlight part even if a point source light is applied.

Material: Polycarbonate
Surface 1: Glossy
Surface 2: Matted
Thickness (mm): 0.3, 0.5
Brand: Covestro
Processing: Bonding, Cutting, Deep-drawing, Die-cutting, Film-Insert-Molding process (FIM), High Pressure Forming process (HPF), Hot and cold thermoforming, Printing
Applications: Light Management
UL94: V2

Polycarbonate film for lighting solutions

Polycarbonate film for innovative lighting solutions manufactured by Covestro from their high-quality Makrolon polycarbonate.

Covestro's light management (LM) films enable advances in LED lighting applications, offering improved light diffusion and transmission while providing energy savings.

LEDs offer modern, practical and sustainable lighting solutions for a wide range of applications.

Makrofol LM 228 2-4, polycarbonate film for lighting solutions, is available in standard thicknesses of 300 µm and 500 µm.


Good Optical and Thermal Properties

Makrofol LM 228 2-4 films offer excellent homogeneous light diffusion even when backlit with point light and is suitable for lighting products of all types.

Makrofol LM 228 2-4 film is dated of high impact and heat resistance and is tough and durable over a wide temperature range.

The excellent strength of polycarbonate allows thinner films to be used and still achieve the desired results.

Being completely transparent allows maximum design freedom and unique solutions for specific applications.


Excellent Processability

Makrofol polycarbonate film has good thermoformability and is used in various types of processing:





-Deep drawing

-Hot and cold thermoforming

-High Pressure Forming process (HPF)

-Film-Insert-Molding process (FIM)


Broad applicability

Typical applications of Makrofol LM 228 2-4 are:

- Automotive interior displays

-Architectural lighting

-Control panels



High Precision Cut to Length

Our technical department uses state-of-the-art equipment and precision technology to ensure perfect cuts and high-quality results.

The service of cutting sheets to size or in rolls in the required length is carried out.


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