KS 442 C-FM

Product description:

The cable marker KS 442 C-FM is a high-performance marker specifically designed for high-speed gravure printing on hot plastic insulated wires and plastic jacketed cables in user selectable colors. Due to the extremely high precision of the machine’s drive system, the KS 442 C-FM ensures a non-slip operation and a reduction of the strain on the soft cable insulation to a minimum.

Brand: Medek & Schörner GmbH
Processing: Cable marking
Typo: Chalcographic Printing

The KS series includes gravure markers for the coding of hot or cold cable or conductor insulation with marking speeds of up to 1,200 m/minute. Etched, exchangeable print wheels ensure the print quality of all text and figures. Tandem head devices and modular, exchangeable color supply systems additionally increase the performance and the operating comfort. All cable markers from Medek & Schörner can be equipped with various options, thus making them extremely flexible