Jetink 30154

Product description:

Ink for InkJet printers. Non - transfer and excellent adhesion with
post heat cure.

Brand: Herkula
Product line: Jetink
Process type: Inkjet printing
Substrate: Silicone
Colorante: D / P
Solvent based: Mek

Various customers explained, that they have different claims with their inks for CIJ printer, therefore we decided to develop our own inks for this kind of printing system. Due to Herkula´s history we´re specialized in colouring and marking of plastics materials using soluble (dye) and pigmented (non-soluble) colorants. The development was focused on the parameter’s adhesion, contrast and above all, stability. Our pigmented products in particular are characterized by low sedimentation of the colorants and thus consistent performance. Therefore, we are proud to present different CIJ series: For general purpose application we would recommend our MEK-based (30150) and MEK-free (30152) series. Both series are available with dye based and pigment based colorants. The main focus of our inks concentrates on extrusion application Therefore, we designed several series for PVC, polyolefinic, PTFE and even silicone substrates.