Fibrecoat 820

Product description:

UV Ink per optical fibres. Chemical and
mechanical resistant

Brand: Herkula
Applications: UV - LED polymerization
Product line: Fibrecoat
Process type: Fibre optic coatings
Substrate: Fiber optics
Line speed: < 3000

Our UV Ink can be used on every colouring line that is available in the market, and you can reach a line speed of up to 3000 m/min. The cured Ink has a very good slip and surface finish. these properties support a robust production process so that e.g. the take up runs smoother. The 12 standard colour shades fulfil all specifications according to Munsell, BT and FT, and on request we can provide 4 additional shades. We are glad to announce that our FibreCoat inks are fully compatible with UV-LED curing lamp.