Fibrecoat 831-815

Product description:

Outer coating resin for tight buffer. High bending modulus.

Brand: Herkula
Product line: Fibrecoat
Process type: Fibre optic coatings
Substrate: Fiber optics
Line speed: < 1000

Tight buffer : Herkula also offers UV and UV-LED Tight Buffer Matrix Materials. You can use our UV Tight Buffer materials as a single coating or as inner & outer coating. The advantage of a single coating on the one hand is that the processing is easier, on the other hand with the combination of an inner & outer coating you achieve a better strippability for a smooth installation of the finished cable. With our UV materia you can reach a line speed of up to 1000 m/min. The Tight Buffer materials are available in different kinds of softness and several colour shades. Finally, we want to inform you that selected Tight Buffer materials are available with flame retardant und high temperature resistant properties.
Compact fibre unit: To create a Compact Fibre Unit a multi fibre coating and curing system is required. With this kind of system, you can place multiple fibres closely to each other in a circular structure, and coating them with our UV or UV-LED Matrix Material.,a single CFU can contain up to 12 fibres. The line speed depends on the fibre count. The space saving CFU structure allows for optimum use of space and weight in the cable. Our materials offer an excellent strippability to support a smooth installation of the finished cable.