Unità di processo per lubrificanti

Product description:

Lubricant processing unit for the homogenizing and de-aeration of NLGI 0-6 greases up to 10,000 kg/h

Brand: Probst & Class GmbH & Co. KG
Processing: Deareation, Homogenising
Typo: Lubricant processing unit

PUC lubricant processing units are used for homogenizing and de-aerating lubricating greases. Practically all the high-quality greases available on the market are homogenized and de-aerated. In order to meet the stringent requirements of modern industry, a lubricating grease must have the same concentration as the average value for the batch down to areas as small as about a thousandth of a millimetre (1/1000 mm). The following physical properties of a lubricating grease are significantly influenced by optimum homogenization in our units: Thickeners are considerably more effective if they are evenly distributed. A thoroughly homogenized lubricating grease has a considerably lower oil bleed (oil separation) rate than a non-homogenized or poorly homogenized product. Fine dispersion of solid lubricants or powder additives in the lubricating grease right down to the individual granule is crucially important for the lubrication of needle bearings, precision bearings, friction bearings and plain bearings.