Makrofol BL 6-2

Product color
Product description:

Dazzle-free, scratch resistant extruded light diffusion film based on the Covestro High Tech Polycarbonate Makrolon.

Material: Polycarbonate
Surface 1: Matted
Surface 2: Matted
Thickness (mm): 0.4
Brand: Covestro
Processing: Bonding, Cutting, Deep-drawing, Die-cutting, Film-Insert-Molding process (FIM), High Pressure Forming process (HPF), Hot and cold thermoforming, Printing
Applications: Blisters, Control Panels, Dashboards, Front panels for household appliances, Labels, Mimic panels, Overlays for membrane keyboards, Pharmaceutical packaging, Signs and advertising signs
UL94: V2

Translucent Black Polycarbonate Film

Translucent black polycarbonate film with a lightly textured surface on one side and finely matted surface on the other. It is manufactured by Covestro from their high-quality Makrolon polycarbonate.

Makrofol BL 6-2 film is available in the standard thickness of 200 µm, while other thicknesses are available upon request.


Excellent Printing Properties and Resistance

Makrofol BL 6-2 is a translucent, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective extruded film and is characterized by its smoky black color.

Makrofol films also have excellent surface uniformity and remarkable strength and elasticity that is maintained over a wide temperature range (UL94 V-2 rating).

Makrofol BL 6-2 film possesses high graphic quality and outstanding properties for screen printing.


Excellent Processability and Good Die Cutting.

BL 6-2 polycarbonate film has good die-cuttability and is used in various types of processing:





-Deep drawing

-Hot and cold thermoforming

-High Pressure Forming process (HPF)

-Film-Insert-Molding process (FIM)


Broad applicability

Makrofol BL films offer the user countless application possibilities, in the industrial sector, due to their technical characteristics.

Makrofol film has high resistance to abrasion and weathering and has good thermal and electrical insulation properties.

The major applications where they are used are:

-Automotive equipment

-Lighted displays

-Control panels

-Car Dashboards


High Precision Cut to Length

Our technical department uses state-of-the-art equipment and precision technology to ensure perfect cuts and high-quality results.

The service of cutting sheets to size or in rolls in the required length is carried out.


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