Bayfol CR 6-2

Product color
Product description:

Dazzle-free extruded film based on a Makrolon(PC)/Pocan(PBT)-blend with high dynamic strength, increased chemical resistance, good cold formability and high scratch resistance.

Material: PC/PBT
Surface 1: Matted
Surface 2: Matted
Thickness (mm): 0.125, 0.175, 0.25, 0.375
Brand: Covestro
Processing: Bonding, Cutting, Die-cutting, Embossing, Film-Insert-Molding process (FIM), High Pressure Forming process (HPF), Hot and cold thermoforming, Printing
Applications: Control Panels, Decorative and functional front panels, Display, Membrane Keyboard Overlays, Screens, Signage plates
UL94: V2

BAYFOL® are blend films of extruded polycarbonate and PBT. BAYFOL® films feature exceptional mechanical performance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.
BAYFOL® technical films offer a complementary property alternative to existing polycarbonate films - a range of custom features perfect for specific applications.
• Excellent chemical resistance
• High chemical and mechanical resistance
• Excellent thermoformability
• Resistance to temperatures of -40 °C - 130 °C
• Dimensional stability at high temperatures
• no embrittlement at low temperatures
• good electrical insulation
• exceptional printability